Research & Industrial Company “ThermIKS Ltd.”

The research and industrial company “ThermIKS Ltd.” was founded in 1991 by the initiative of a group of top specialists from the All-Union Research Institute for Electroheat Equipment (VNIIETO). The scope of our principle activities comprises design and manufacture of modern car-bottom, chamber and shaft furnaces, ovens with forced air circulation, laboratory furnaces and drying cabinets as well as special electroheating equipment.

Every year “ThermIKS ” produces up to 10 new modifications and about 1000 electric furnaces for metal-ware heat treatment, fritting of abrasives, baking of ceramics, glass bending, annealing, drying, calcination, melting, soldering, tightening e.t.c. Reliability, industrial design and ergonomics are the subjects of our special concern.

Employing close communications with the RF Academy of Sciences and Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” “ThermIKS ” develops the equipment for Russian innovation technologies to be introduced into industry.

Experimental workshop of “ThermIKS” is located in the territory of Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”. We closely cooperate with different RRC departments and especially with the Institute of General and Nuclear Physics and Innovative & Technological Center “Kurchatov Technopark” - support structure for the innovation business Since 1993 “ThermIKS” participates in development & producing of unique high-temperature equipment in the frame of international projects “RASPLAV” and MASKA (sponsored by NEA-OECD)

Since 1998 main producing facilities are located in the territory of Institute on Laser and Information Technologies (IPLIT RAN) - one of leading Russian institutes in the sphere of investigations and development of lasers, equipment on their base and laser-information technologies (Shatura, Moscow Region). “ThermIKS” and IPLIT are shareholders of Innovative & Technological Center “MIKRON”. This enterprise produces wide range of equipment including industrial lasers, induction, resistance, arc melting and vacuum furnaces

Foreign Trade Firm “Thermoexport” is the general agent for export of “ThermIKS” production to the international market

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